What is VoIP?

VoIP is the acronym used when talking about Voice Over IP,

whether it is the public Internet, the private IP network or even the local

area network (LAN).

VoIP, is it for me?

That question really depends on your situation. If you are a brand new business and don't have a phone system, the easy answer would be "why not"?

On most cases, VoIP makes you save money on your phone bills. We even have a "Ready to use" solution for optimizing the savings for your investment.  

But the most interesting aspect of VoIP is in its ability to widen the phone services for your business. With VoIP, you are no longer trap between the walls of your business location but are now offered the ability to have the same phone service at your remote locations where Internet service is available. Therefore, you can have remote units or even tie multiple phone systems together with direct dialing capabilities; making it looks like you have a large phone network across all your business sites.

From solutions to systems

The most known aspect of VoIP is in the telephony business, both personal (Skype, Cable providers, etc..) and businesses. The latter is where we have decided to focus by providing three predefined models for the business phone systems:

But VoIP is not only about phone systems. This is why we refer ourselves as providing VoIP solutions rather than phones because our technological expertise goes beyond phones:

IP camera surveillance transmitting images over the Internet

Door intercom over IP to control access to your sites

Alarm over IP to connect your alarm panel using the Internet

VoIP campus WIFI offers VoIP over WIFI to a wide area like a campus or village

VoIP pre-requisites

To take the most of VoIP services, we have to evaluate the Internet speed (and availability for that matter) where the VoIP service is needed as well as the main phone number portability (transfer) over VoIP. The Internet speed will dictate how many simultaneous calls can be supported. We can manage both Data Service Link (DSL) and Internet over cable.